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Backup & Disaster Recovery

These are two areas that most companies ignore. We can’t stress the importance enough to have a Backup and D/R Plan that is fully documented, tested, and available for all users in the company to use. We have proven plans that are fully versatile, and can be customized for any sized company.

Server & PC Support/Maintenance

Disaster Recovery

Data Backup and Restoration

Asset Inventory

Phone Systems support & Implementation

End-User Support

And More...



We take care of all your day-to-day needs, from PC support, to high-end server implementation, from Antivirus to wireless security, from firewalls to remote access – we do it all. We can even take care of your Telco needs, wiring needs, and in most cases save your company money by redesigning your phone structure – we have partnerships with some of the largest Telco companies in the South-East United States and can – in most cases – find ways to save you money.


SECURED Wireless Networks

Allow us to implement not just wireless access for your office, but ‘Secured’ wireless access to ensure your companies most valuable asset (information) is protected while allowing convenient access to authorized users.


Typical I.T. Support

  • An IT problem occurs.
  • You discover the problem.
  • You place a phone call for support – sometimes waiting for days for a response.
  • Problem is diagnosed.
  • Problem is resolved.
  • Unpredictable service fees.
  • Higher costs when problem resolution proves time-consuming.
  • Depending on affected devices, downtime occurs and the associated costs mount (lost opportunities, lost productivity, and more).
  • With little or no historical performance data, diagnostics can take longer; and failing parts that have gone undetected must be ordered, often creating further delays.

The Managed Services Way

  1. SOLUTION BOSS is alerted before or as the problem occurs because monitoring and alerting is in place.
  2. SOLUTION BOSS instantly and accurately diagnoses problem in the Service Center.
  3. SOLUTION BOSS conducts rapid remote remediation from the Service Center and resolves the problem in less time than it would take to find coat and keys.

SOLUTION BOSS provides ongoing routine maintenance to ensure ‘All Systems GO’.

SOLUTION BOSS gives you comprehensive reports every month and quarter to show work performed, identify issues, and support optimized IT budgeting.

Reduce Downtime, Reduce I.T. Costs

Worry-Free Computing

Managed services makes your IT costs more predictable and reliable, reduces risk to your data
and IT assets, and frees up your resources so you can focus entirely on your core business activities.
Experience worry-free business computing, control IT costs, and get the most out of your
IT investments with managed services.

What are Managed Services?

Managed services refer to IT services delivered in a defined manner
with a predictable expense. Typically, managed services are
delivered with a remote monitoring and management (RMM)
system that allows an IT solution provider to monitor the health and
performance of customer IT assets 24/7. RMM means that we can
perform proactive maintenance efficiently to stabilize your IT, and
respond with rapid remote remediation when things go wrong.
Business Before and After Managed Services

Business without managed services is more reactive, costly, and
unpredictable. Consider the impact of unscheduled downtime,
caused by a virus or technical failure. The average costs to small and
midsized businesses can be staggering. A Gartner study revealed
that each unmanaged desktop costs businesses an average of
$4000 a year in emergency services, lost productivity and
opportunity costs, with an annual total cost of ownership (TCO) that
is typically 42% higher than for managed PCs and 29% higher for
unmanaged laptops.

With SOLUTION BOSS, you can expect to experience a dramatic
reduction of unscheduled downtime and lower IT costs because
problems will be detected and resolved faster—often before you’re
even aware of them. Managed services also helps you reduce and
optimize your IT spending, keep more of your internal resources
focused on core business activities, and arms you with accurate data
about the health and performance of your IT assets.

Solution Overview

Managed Workplace consists of:

Onsite Manager
A single, lightweight piece of software installed once at
each site. Onsite Manager performs secure,
comprehensive scans of your environment to gather
the up-to-date information that SOLUTION BOSS needs
to manage your IT assets with unparalleled efficiency.

With Onsite Manager, we can monitor and manage
anything with an IP address, including: desktops,
laptops, servers, managed switches, routers, firewalls,
gateways, VoIP switches and phones, printers, faxes or
scanners, off-the-shelf and custom applications,
environmental control devices and specialized
equipment, internal and external websites, SaaS
resources, virtual machines and much more.

Device Manager
Installed on equipment that can’t be directly monitored
by Onsite Manager, such as roaming laptops, remote
servers, home offices, or on an onsite Windows 7 PC if
you don’t have a server.
Service Center
A powerful, web-based, centralized dashboard that
allows us to

  • view the asset health and performance data sent
  • by the Onsite Manager;
    drill down to details as required;
  • perform rapid remote remediation;
    configure advanced services;
  • produce a range of useful reports so you’ll know
  • exactly what’s going on in your environment; and
  • much more.


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We needed help fast and were referred to Solution BOSS – they delivered in a big way…they were very friendly and patient with our issue and handled it with a professional response. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing help with the Small Business IT support.


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Solution Boss plays a very vital roll in making the Florida Strawberry Festival operate successfully behind the scenes.  Outstanding job this year (as always).  

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